The Taskbar in the most recent Insider build can be compared to the search box in Windows 11.

The Taskbar in the most recent Insider build can be compared to the search box in Windows 11.

The search bar is now simpler to see thanks to the most recent Windows 11 Insider build.

Windows 11 search box

What you should be aware of

The Beta Channel has just received Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds 22621.1470 and 2624.1470 from Microsoft.

The Taskbar can be set to be in dark mode while the search box is in light mode in the builds.

When it comes to sharing Insider builds of Windows 11, Microsoft is crazy. The company recently sent the Beta Channel copies of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1470. This build comes after the Canary Channel and Dev Channel builds, which both add support for three widget board columns and the system tray’s ability to view clock seconds.

A new USB4 page is added to the Settings app in Builds 22621.1470 and 2624.1470. Additionally, they contain a number of upgrades and fixes. Since Windows 11 can now be set to light mode while the rest is in dark mode, the Taskbar’s search box should also be simpler to see in some situations. The Windows theme and app mode can be set to light and dark, respectively, to accomplish this.

To serve as a reminder, Microsoft ships Beta builds in pairs, with one automatically turning on new features and the other by default turning them on. Build 22624.1470 in this instance has new features enabled.

Users will now have access to a USB4 hubs and devices settings page under the heading “Bluetooth & Devices” (USB). New docking, high-performance peripherals, displays, and charging scenarios are made possible by USB4. Information about the system’s USB4 capabilities and connected peripherals can be found on the USB4. settings page. In the event that users require assistance from their device manufacturer (OEM) or system administrator, these insights are intended to help with troubleshooting. This page offers the following features:

  • View the list of USB4 devices and hubs that are connected.
  • View the USB4 domain’s attributes and capabilities.

To share the information with system administrators or customer support for troubleshooting, copy the details into the clipboard.

This page won’t be displayed if the system’s Microsoft USB4 Connection Manager does not support USB4.

Check for the “USB4 Host Router” entry in the Device Manager to see if your system is USB4 capable or not.


A copy button will now appear for users to quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes from PC-installed apps or phones connected to the PC in notification toasts. We do our best to check whether a notification toast contains an authentication code, but if we are mistaken or the code is not found, kindly let us know.

System Tray and Taskbar

Using the system accent color, you can view the VPN status in the tray.

When connected to a recognized VPN profile (opens in new tab), we have added an instantaneous VPN status to the system tray. Over the active network connection, the VPN icon—a tiny shield—will be painted in your system’s accent color.

We are implementing the ability to display seconds in the clock on the system tray in response to user feedback. To enable this feature, click the Taskbar behavior section’s option under Settings > Personalization. To quickly access taskbar settings, you can also right-click on the toolbar. Although not all Windows Insiders will immediately notice this change, we are starting to roll it out and hope to do so soon.

CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS IN BUILD 22624: 1470 & 22624.1470

When Windows is in a custom color mode, the taskbar search box will appear lighter. A lighter search box will appear on the taskbar under Settings > Personalization > Colors, specifically when Windows 11 mode is set to dark and the app mode to light.